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6-minute Stories

Everybody loves a good story
Listen to these 6-minute stories
from both new voices and experienced writers
from the Personal Essay/Story Publishing Project anthologies:
Bearing Up - 2018
Exploring - 2019.
Copies of both books available here.

"Two Good Swings" by Landis Wade

Deciding what to do with your life is not always easy. Not even for “Little Big Man.”


Landis Wade is a recovering trial lawyer, author, and producer/host of Charlotte Readers Podcast (www.charlottereaderspodcast.com). His third book, The Christmas Redemption, won Holiday category in the 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. He won the 2016 North Carolina State Bar short story contest for The Deliberation and received awards in 2017 and 2018 for non-fiction pieces, The Cape Fear Debacle and First Dance. Shelby appeared in the 2018 Personal Essay Publishing Project anthology Bearing Up.

“Two Good Swings” appears in Exploring: Discoveries. Challenges. Adventure, the 2019 Personal Essay Publishing Project anthology.