Daniel Boone Footsteps

Theme explained

Theme explained:

Exploring: Discoveries. Challenges. Adventure.

Maybe you would call it an “a-ha” moment. You learned something unexpectedly. You gained an insight about yourself, your world, or your place and prospects in it. Whatever it was, it was a discovery.

Maybe life dealt you a bad hand and maybe it happened all at once or it had been going on for years. As they say, “sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eat you.” How did you face it, or not? What happened and how? Why?  Whatever it was, it was a challenge.

Maybe you had your ups and downs for a day or a decade, the good and the bad. You made a million; you lost a million. But you can look back at it all and know that it was all really one big adventure.

In the spring of 1769, Daniel Boone went exploring. He ventured west from this home in North Carolina on the hunch that he and his party of long hunters could find an easy passage through the Appalachian Mountains barrier, a passage which had been rumored to exist. They found what became known as Cumberland Gap and hunted in Kentucky for two years, harvesting hides, pelts, and furs for sale back east. To the Shawnee and Cherokee who also hunted there, these whites were trespasser and poachers. The hunters were not welcomed. The natives captured the hunters and confiscated the deer skins and furs. Boone escaped from the captors more than once. Some of the men quit and went home. Boone stayed; his brother-in-law disappeared. During all this time, Boone scouted the landscape far and wide and learned the best routes through this new land. He found places which might make a good homestead for his family and places where many thousands more might want to come. Daniel Boone was living by his wits in a new environment, facing hostilities, dangers, and hardship, but having a grand time doing it. He was on an adventure.

For the Personal Essay Publishing Project, writers are crafting true accounts about discoveries, challenges, and adventures in their own lives. Nobody is writing about Daniel Boone or even of that era unless they want to tell a story of discovery, challenge, and adventure of one of their ancestors.

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