Daniel Boone Footsteps

Theme explained

Theme explained:

“that Southern thing—living, loving, laughing, loathing, leaving the South”

. . . incited, perhaps, by a writer’s personal musings on the good, the bad, and the peculiar of life in “the South,” however the writer defines that. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us wince, make us think. Leave the readers grateful, encouraged, reeling, vexed, or just plain gobsmacked, but in every case sensing or revealing something more about “the South” than they might have considered before. Newcomers and natives have equal value in their perspectives on the Old South, the New South, the remembered South, the South as we find it or strive to make it. “The South” is not what we think, or is it? Experiences, family, neighbors, church, school, friends, enemies—almost any relationship might spark a memory and a story—a telling moment worthy of sharing.

In finding a story to share, writers might consider the overlap—and-not—of what they see, what they want, and what they think should be when they think of “the South.” Or you might share an experience of a most memorable family member or ancestor whose experience might be typical of or counter to expectations.

We are reluctant to be more specific for fear of steering writers in one direction. Some of our crew have lived no farther north than North Carolina with childhoods reaching back to the early Fifties. “The South” is home but is also a stranger.

Write your story. Surprise us.