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6-minute Stories

Everybody loves a good story
Listen to these 6-minute stories
from both new voices and experienced writers
from the Personal Story Publishing Project anthologies:
Bearing Up (2018) and Exploring (2019).
Copies of both books available here.
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"The Day I Was Fired" by Diane Pascoe

No rhythm, no job.

Humorist Diane Pascoe recalls a work-life lesson about understanding expectations and living up to one's potentials and talent from early in her schooling. Very early.  

Diane Pascoe and husband Eric, (aka “Honey” or “Love God”), retired to Leland, North Carolina in 2016 after many years in Raleigh. Along with winning several North Carolina writing contests, Diane’s humor essays are published monthly in Wilmington-area publications. Her 2017 book of humor essays, Life Isn’t Perfect, but My Lipstick Is, is available at Amazon.com as is her new, 2019 release, Never Argue with a Wiener Dog. You'll Lose!.

 Excerpted from Diane’s 2017 book of personal humor essays, “Life Isn’t Perfect but My Lipstick Is.” Available at Amazon.com.

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