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6-minute Stories

Everybody loves a good story
Listen to these 6-minute stories
from both new voices and experienced writers
from the Personal Story Publishing Project anthologies:
Bearing Up (2018) and Exploring (2019).
Copies of both books available here.
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"The Trip Home We Will Always Remember" by Carol Gearhart

Getting to the destination is half the fun--and way more than half the trouble in a series of events laughable only in hindsight.


Carol Gearhart was reared with treasured family stories, from short two-liners to long histories, continually retold at family gatherings. Then she married into another such family full of rich stories. Following her mother's lead, Carol now writes them down for future generations to enjoy. She and her husband reside in Pfafftown, North Carolina, in the home of Pepper, the cat.

Bearing UpRandell Jones